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Students' responses

“It is always a pleasure to be in the company of nice people... People, who you want to talk to and who encourage you to widen your thinking and knowledge. And the phrase, “Learn as long as you live” and or “Semper tire” (always a student) becomes relevant. Maxim Achkasov belongs to this kind of people. He is pleasant as an interlocutor – intelligent, and as a man – a priori. When you hold a conversation with him the time goes insensibly and always with a use. Hope the same is to him. In the intercourse with Maxim you ‘grow’ and learn to value yourself more, and to aim to success."

Victoria and Anna

Responses of the students"My name is Natalia. I have been working with Maxim Achkasov for one year and a half. First of all, I would like to point out that Maxim is a remarkable and nice teacher. Before Maxim's teaching I had been studying the language for half a year. During that time a changed two teachers and with none of them I could reach the results I have achieved while working with Maxim. It was very important for me to study the language under a very tight deadlines. My professional career depended on that! The thing is that I work for a foreign company in which there simply aren't russian speaking personnel. My main exam that test my kknowledge of the language I had to take in Europe. Thanks to the knowledge I acquired with Maxim I was able to pass that test. So, to some extent my professional growth is due to Maxim's help.

I get a lot of positive energy while studying with Maxim. He seems feels how to involve a student into the educational process. Maxim helps student open. With his methodics he help a person to get rid of fears such as «I won't be able to do that», or «Nobody will undertsnd me», etc. He helps one to believe in oneself, in his or her abilities. I have already covered the Pre-Intermediate course and I am currently continuing studying with Maxim at the Intermediate level. Going through the course Maxim helps me not only to advance my English knowledge, but also to understand a lot of other things related to the area of business, European people and their mentality. Maxim is a nice and erudite interlocuter. I am lucky I met such a person and teacher."


I am glad to recommend Maxim as a brilliant teacher, who is really interested in success of a student and targeted on starting using English in their life as quickly as it possible. Maxim actively interacts with students to adapt course to real student's purposes and to find the most effective way of learning for each student. The main aim of the course is to create an easy, free, comfortable and relaxed communication skill in English in different situations. I've been working with Maxim for more than 2 years and my knowledge of English is much better than before. Although it isn't perfect but I'm sure that the knowledge which I have received during the course really helped me in my daily professional life and made my world much wider.

Denis Kozhuschenko

"Languages have never been easy for me. It is because you need to study, memorize, understand them. And all these require a lot of time, effort and desire. At last I found a teacher who motivated me to learn English and helped me love the process of studying!

I can't say that the irregular verbs will be learned easily or that the subjunctive mood will immediately become clear. However, with the approach Maxim Achkasov uses the learning process will not become either routinized or boring! I myself, for example, wrote a song in English and performed it during a lesson!

Perhaps you noticed that if you really like something you will learn it fast and simpler. I experienced the same when I studied English. Could I ever imagine that I would be able to pass a high level test within a year? - No, I couldn't! I studied French all my life and was disappointed that I couldn't express myself clearly while attending resorts abroad and speaking to foreigners! On the whole, I am really happy that with my teacher I have been able to overcome the barrier in learning the language and crossed out the item «learn English» from the list of obligatory activities!!"

Lilia Mogiryova

“What I like the most it is the atmosphere, - positive attitude, optimism, possibility to discuss any kind of topics in English. Besides that, it is the sincere interest of the teacher towards my progress in educational process and to me personally."


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