Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language


Educational methodology at RFL courses

The courses of Russian as a foreign language at the language studio RussianLang are characterized by the strong use of individual approach to each learner. Maxim Achkasov believes that the topics discussed during classes should closely correspond to the needs of the learner. For this reason the teacher always tries to make all the issues of studying applicable to the life of the student and obvious for his / her independent use.

Educational methodologyFrom the beginning to the end of every lesson the student is encouraged to be fully and thoroughly engaged in the education process. Approximately 65% of the class time is dedicated to the development of active communicative skills. Although, all the discussions are tightly connected to the textbook material, attention is timely paid to the topics which are necessary to be covered (e.g. if there are “gaps” in understanding some of the grammatical structures or vocabulary use).

Role plays, case studies and tests are regular features of each study unit. All students are constantly encouraged to use their own experience and express opinions to make their involvement in the learning as deep as possible, and therefore memorable and effective.

Throughout the courses, the strengths and weaknesses of the learner are regularly explained by the teacher. On the course completion, each student should pass the final examination. After the full satisfaction of all program requirements, each student is given a Certificate that certifies his/her level of the language knowledge and use.