Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language

How to apply

Apply for the courses of Russian as a foreign language

Apply | Courses of Russian LanguageTo apply for the courses of Russian as a foreign language you need to do a placement test* and contact the teacher to appoint the first meeting. This is necessary for two main reasons.

  • Firstly, it is to define the level of the language proficiency you have.
  • Secondly, to design an approach to the studies, that is most effective and suitable for you. The first meeting and interview is free and usually lasts no more than one hour.

Based on the results of the test and interview, the teacher and the potential student are to agree upon the learning methodology, terms, the main principles of the educational process.


Placement test

Please, send the completed test back to the teacher [] as soon as you're ready.

* - the placement test is required only if the applicant has some knowledge of Russian language. If he/she is a real beginner, the test completion is optional.