Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language

About the courses of Russian in Kiev

About Courses of Russian for Foreigners "RussianLang"

The courses of Russian as a foreign language with Maxim Achkasov take place in one of Kiev Business Centers, which is located in pr. Moskovskiy, 6. The teacher works with adults individually since he is convinced that each person must receive maximum time for practice and professional attention while learning a foreign language with a teacher. Maxim Achkasov uses manifold teaching methodology with the application of effective pedagogical approaches and techniques. Each course includes wide range of exercises and various tasks, which are directed towards developing and strengthening the learner’s independent communicative skills in all four areas of language usage: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

О курсах русского языка Having said that, it is very important to highlight that the key principle that lies behind all the class work with Maxim Achkasov is dialogue. Most primarily this means an honest and active involvement into communication, conversation and interaction between the teacher and student. The teacher considers this to be the core of the educational process, which really builds the understanding of the learner of what and how is to be used while interacting in a foreign language. This is some kind of an “event”, which is maintained in the atmosphere of full acceptance, encourages the learner to use the language freely, expressing his/her views, thoughts, and idea, and receiving constructive feedback and guidance. This is a live process which cannot be photographed or explained to convey to full essence of the interactive class work. It may only be practiced live. The teacher believes that the dialogue is the locomotive of real second language acquisition. It must be a thoroughly dynamic and purely organic process with the sensitivity, gentle guidance and discernment from the side of the teacher. This is what Maxim Achkasov always tries to hold on to while assisting learners in their life changing experience of acquiring a new language.